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Robust tree that does well both indoors and out. Can tolerate low light, but grows more strongly with high light & warmth. Grows extensive banyan roots & has fruits. Ficus are tropical-prefer 55F°+. Never allow Ficus to freeze. Slightly moist soil, But do not let the soil dry out. Fertilize at one-third strength. Prune to maintain the size & shape. When the latex dries, it forms its own natural seal. Be aware that this latex can produce skin rashes on those who are sensitive. 


One main attraction of this tree is that it is one of the few true indoor bonsai. It will thrive outdoors in summer, however, as long as the temperature stays higher than 55° F. When outside, offer full sun with protection from the hottest afternoon summer rays. Ficus prefer fairly consistent moisture levels and temperatures, with indoor bonsai doing best when the air is between 60-80° F. Avoid cold or hot drafts.


This tree is easy to care for and can tolerate some over or under watering. Like most bonsai, however, it should not be allowed to dry out altogether. Water thoroughly until the water drips out the drainage hole. For purposes of developing a banyan tree, the bonsai should be misted each time you water it. A humidity tray is also very beneficial in encouraging aerial roots to form.


Ficus should be fed every two weeks during the growing season, alternating between a good balanced mixture and one that is higher in nitrogen diluted to half strength. Feeding frequency should be reduced in the winter.