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Our garden is specialized in exotic and Asian theme plants, as well as tropical. Some of the plants include:  Bonsai trees, Bamboos, Palm trees, Podocarpus, Gardenias, Orchids, Bouganvilleas, Medinillas,  flowering trees, a vast array of Alocasias and Colocasias, Anthuriums, Cycads, Desert Rose and many others.

We also offer features specially handcrafted for our store from South-East Asia,  including: water fountains, special pottery with attachment of pebbles, carvings of Buddhas in lava stone or greenstone, terrazzo planters, stone lanterns, various arts and crafts, and organic/natural soaps and scrubs, incense and other items you will find interesting when visiting our store.

We can provide our expertise in landscaping design and installation for any theme you would like to have in your property.  It could be: Asian, Minimalistic, Mediterranean, Tropical, Japanese, exotic, etc.  We will take into account your likes and dislikes in planting material and try to create the garden you always dreamed about.

Zensations Garden
Zensations Garden
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